Limoges boxes and figurines are bought for various reasons. It could be for celebrating a marriage anniversary, rewarding your daughter or son for winning in a particular performance, honoring your mother, just to mention a few. Whatever the reason for the celebration is, Limoges boxes and figurines can be the most unique things to give as gifts.

For the people who are avid collectors of vintage items can turn their heads to their display shelf by keeping one of these excellent art pieces. However, there are specific factors that need to be considered before picking out a box.

First, you need to know the authentic manufacturers. The market these days is flooded with duplicate Limoges boxes. This is as a result of the burgeoning demand for these pieces of art. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you are laying hands on the best original Limoges box and figurine, you have to know some of the genuine manufacturers. Click here now!

Most of the vintage Limoges boxes were traditionally manufactured and designed by the royal commission. If you want some of these, you should check out the artisans who are known for their excellent craftsmanship in creating the vintage Limoges boxes.

The decoration is another crucial factor that you should consider when ordering Limoges boxes and figurine. You should look out for label Peint Mein for adding some of the immaculate hand d?cors. It could also be wise trying out a combination of hard work and decals where the highlighting streaks are done by hand. This is all part of the surface decoration, view here!

Detailing and painting is another essential factor to consider. Authentic Limoges boxes are popular because of their impeccable detailing. The artists that create them use their creative skills to make excellent designs with one color taken at a time. When they are done with one shade, a firing process is applied before they use another color. You should, therefore, be aware of the designs which use more than one color.

You should also check out the limited edition boxes. The limited edition Limoges boxes are valuable pieces of art that enhance your treasure trove of collectibles and also bring you huge profits if you auction them later. It is therefore wise to add a limited edition to your closet. You should, however, ensure that the limited edition is restricted to a specific designer. 


It is evident that original Limoges boxes are priceless treasures to cherish. They are also sold at affordable prices. Add value to your collectibles by securing yourself some Limoges boxes. Read this post too: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/edward-goldman/chairman-mao-and-his-hund_b_9082828.html